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Freedom Roofing, Inc. has licensed insurance adjusters on staff to help with your insurance claims. Whether your entire roof needs to be replaced due to a massive storm or needs a few minor repairs, our roofers and insurance adjusters work together to ensure your property is safe.

How do I know if I have a valid insurance claim for my roof repairs or replacement?


Our experienced claims representatives perform a complete evaluation of your roof and other damaged property. This is a no-cost evaluation.

Will my insurance company cancel my coverage if I file a claim for weather-related damage?

The answer is no. By regulation from the Department of Insurance for the state of Alabama, an insurer shall not cancel or non-renew your policy for claims arising from a catastrophe, natural disaster, act of nature, or weather-related causes.

What do I say to the adjuster when he or she comes to my home?

Our claims representatives will be at your home when the adjuster arrives and will assist you through the issues related to your property damage. We deal with the same local adjusters on a regular basis, but this is a critically important step. Please do not tackle this process alone.

What happens after the adjuster makes an evaluation?

Every insurance company has a slightly different process. Typically, you will receive a packet of information from your insurance company within 7-10 days that details their repair or replacement plans and dollar values.

What if my insurance company is offering too little money to get my roof repaired or replaced?

Our in-house claims managers negotiate a final settlement with your insurance company's in-house claims adjusters. We use the same industry-specific software known as Xactimate that most insurance companies use. That way we know how much is possible, not how little they hope you will accept.

How much does all of this cost?

All we ask is that if we are successful in assisting you through the insurance process you will allow us to perform the work. Your financial obligation is to pay the deductible that you negotiated with your insurance company when you purchased your homeowners insurance.

Do you offer financing to help me pay my deductible?

The simple answer is yes! Contact us today to find out more information about financing options.

I am still not sure I understand all of this, can we discuss this before someone comes out to my home?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make the journey through the insurance process as stress-free as possible. Please give us a call at 251-287-6078 to discuss all your concerns.

What if I prefer to just pay cash for my new roof, is that a problem for your company?

Absolutely not! While our primary focus is on insurance-related roofing replacement, we will gladly provide you with a cash quote for your new roof.

We make it easy! We will help you from start to finish.

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Do I need to call my agent about this damage?

Before making contact with your insurance company, we recommend you have one of our specialist inspect your roof. If we do find storm damage we will assist you in the claim’s process by explaining our discoveries of damages to the claims center.

Can you provide local references that I can drive-by or possibly even talk to about Freedom Roofing?

YES! We truly understand your concerns and will provide you with as many names, addresses and telephone numbers as you’d like. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Freedom Roofing are pros at storm damage roofing, siding, and gutter replacement. We have trained specialists in storm damaged neighborhoods every day helping people restore their home and lives.

What do I do after my home has been damaged by a storm?

Many home owners may not realize the extent of property loss they have suffered from a storm. An untrained eye may not see the damage, and left unchecked it can be costly. Storm damage actually will reduce the life of the materials and often void manufacturers' warranties. Our Freedom specialists have the extensive training to detect storm damage indicators and they are aided by weather maps that identify specific neighborhoods damaged by storms.

What do I need to do if I think a storm damaged my roofing, siding or gutters?

Call Freedom Roofing NOW! 251-287-6078. We offer specialists trained to offer FREE storm damage inspections.

My home's roof was damaged by a windstorm but the neighbors' homes do not appear damaged. What happened?

It is possible your home took more of the brunt from the storm, but your neighbors may have suffered damage that cannot be detected without a trained eye.

I've never had to replace a roof - What should I look for in a roofing contractor?

To assist you in your decision - we suggest asking 4 basic questions in the event of storm damage:

Do I need to find out the building codes in my neighborhood and get the permit?

We are licensed and insured in every area we serve. We take responsibility to ensure proper construction for your area. We will pull all permits and coordinate all inspections with different municipalities.

Will my insurance cancel my policy or raise my rates if I make a claim?

Most states do not allow insurance companies to cancel or raise rates on customers for claims that are considered "acts of God". Wind and hail storm damage are classified as acts of God.

What do customers say about you?

We take pride in our work and our customer service is a focal point. We've helped hundreds of customers and appreciate all of those that took the time to let us know how we did.

We've had hail a couple of times this year. We haven't had any leaks or seen any damage from the ground. Can we wait to have our roof inspected if we get a leak later or when the damage is noticeable from the ground?

Hail is tricky because you can't always see the damage hail creates from the ground, and even on the roof initially, the damage can appear as small dents or pockmarks that you may not realize will cause problems if it isn't corrected. The pockmarks are actually where the hail hits and created a granule loss on the asphalt shingles. The granules are there for more than beauty - the granules protect the asphalt layer from exposure to the sun and weather. When the asphalt layer is exposed, it makes the area brittle and weak, thus prone to failure. When there is a change in temperature, the exposed area tends to make the shingles curl up, creating even more exposure to leaks. Often when hail damage is left undetected until there is a leak, the homeowner is past the allowed number of months to file a claim. Freedom Roofing offers FREE storm damage inspections. We know what to look for to detect damage and ensure your home is protected from potential damage and leaks. Leaks can create substantial damage, much greater than replacing the roof because undetected leaks can cause mold, damage sheet-rock, electrical issues, and damage personal belongings.

Got a question? Let us know. Call us at 251-287-6078.

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?

  • Does the contractor have experience handling insurance claim work after hail and wind storms?

  • Does the contractor have referrals?

  • Is the contractor reputable? Look to see if they are an accredited member of the BBB.